band members

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Dan Hagan - Rhythm guitar, vocals

Mike Young - Lead guitar, vocals

Dan Crea - Bass

Toby White - Drums / Percussion

Jeremy Esposito - Drums / Percussion

Caroline Killoh - Keyboards, Vocals



Nicole White - Manager / Booking

Andre Schiff - Sound Engineer



Caroline Killoh -

There is not much I’d rather do than get together with other great musicians and play music. I’ve always loved the concept of creating something from nothing. Sometimes I think it’s a sickness, but I can’t help it, it’s in my DNA!

My basic background is this: I grew up in the Worcester area in a very musical household. My first real show was Van Halen in 1981 at the Worcester Centrum and from that minute on, I wanted to be involved with live music. Besides taking some formal piano lessons when I was young, I taught myself how to play rock keyboards. At one point in high school, I traded my school band flute for a cheap Eddie Van Halen guitar copy (my parents were not too pleased about this when I told them). Can’t say I am much of a guitar player, though. For college, I attended UMASS Amherst and went to tons of Phish shows in their early days (including the famous Amy’s Farm show). Phish’s music has been a huge influence and seeing them grow over the years has been amazing. Other favorites are Allmans, Traffic, Yes, ELP, Rush and the list goes on, including lots of modern bands as well. For the record, my one and only Dead show was about 1991 at Foxboro, MA with Dylan. In recent years I’ve come to appreciate the Dead on a much higher level for not only their complexity, but also their ability to transcend.

As for my band experience, a bunch of college friends and I started Hoobis Doobis around 1990 which was primarily a Phish cover band, though we did some Yes and other interesting stuff. Other bands I’ve been in since then include Smokehouse and Undercover. Currently, I am keyboardist for Beatletracks, a Beatles tribute band. I’ve sang backup vocals with all my bands, but when the opportunity to join in on vocals with Fennario came up, I thought it would be a great new challenge – away from the keyboard and up front singing this amazing music. The music’s great, the people are great – what more can a person ask for?