band members

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Dan Hagan - Rhythm guitar, vocals

Mike Young - Lead guitar, vocals

Dan Crea - Bass

Toby White - Drums / Percussion

Jeremy Esposito - Drums / Percussion

Caroline Killoh - Keyboards, Vocals



Nicole White - Manager / Booking

Andre Schiff - Sound Engineer


Toby White -

Toby began playing drums in his mind and on the tables and dashboards within reach for the first 17 years of his life. Not having drums to play in the school band, but determined to be in the school band, he chose the trumpet for four years, albeit in envy of those pounding the skins behind him. Eventually in 1998, Toby received his first drum kit for Christmas from his parents and has been rocking out nonstop since. Years or taking in songs and understanding the percussion parts allowed Toby to rapidly progress on the kit. He joined his first band in 1999.

The thing Toby enjoys the most about the Grateful Dead is their complex, diverse, and immense catalogue of songs...with styles and songs to please every walk of life.

His influences range from Steve Gadd, David Garibaldi, Dennis Chambers, Mickey Hart, Jon Fishman, Jon Bonham, and really anyone who offers a unique flavor.



Major Domo (Grateful Dead) - Portland, ME 1999-2001
Elixir - Worcester, MA 2001
Raccoon Village - Worcester, MA 2002
Big Loco - Santa Clara, CA 2002-2003
Whoby Tite - Portland, ME 2003
Donkey Show (Mostly Dead) - Oakland, CA 2004-2006
The FlipSquad - San Francisco, CA 2006-2007
Fennario - Current