band members

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Dan Hagan - Rhythm guitar, vocals

Mike Young - Lead guitar, vocals

Dan Crea - Bass

Toby White - Drums / Percussion

Jeremy Esposito - Drums / Percussion

Caroline Killoh - Keyboards, Vocals



Nicole White - Manager / Booking

Andre Schiff - Sound Engineer


Dan Crea -

I met 'em accidentally in St. Paul, Minnesota.... my parents that is, where I was born and raised. I spent high school trying to be the next white Jimi Hendrix, before realizing that everybody wants to be the next white Jimi Hendrix. In my defense I took it more seriously than some... it's a lot easier than you'd think to play a Stratocaster with your teeth. From there I went to college in Morris, MN, where I first found my calling down an octave as a bass player. In the tradition of most great bass players, I was pressed into service when someone needed the spot filled, in this case one of the school's jazz bands. To find more musical opportunities I transferred to Duluth, MN, the first stomping grounds of Robert Zimmerman on his long, strange trip from Hibbing, MN to becoming Bob Dylan. Much to my surprise I graduated with honors both with a degree in Theory/Composition and from the school of hard knocks, having paid my dues playing jazz, rock, musicals, and in a very busy country band - where I learned the very useful skills of hauling gear, supergluing blistered fingertips, and covering songs I'd never heard before on stage by using music theory logic.

When I first heard the Dead it was an experience too cool to describe in words. It started in the lamest way possible - a copy of Skeletons in the Closet, a greatest-hits compilation of their early studio work, bought on CD at a yard-sale. This gentle, deep music grabbed hold of me and never let go. I bought all the Dead I could afford, until eventually discovering that you could get tapes from kind heads through the internet if you found the right usenet groups. Now finally after 14 years of playing just about every kind of music under the sun, I have a chance to play this music which means so much to me.

Previous bands include Undercover,, a great local top 40 & classic rock band, The Shackshakers,, a Duluth, MN based oldies, country & classic rock band, and too many others to remember or list.