band members

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Dan Hagan - Rhythm guitar, vocals

Mike Young - Lead guitar, vocals

Dan Crea - Bass

Toby White - Drums / Percussion

Jeremy Esposito - Drums / Percussion

Caroline Killoh - Keyboards, Vocals



Nicole White - Manager / Booking

Andre Schiff - Sound Engineer


Mike Young -

I was born in Liverpool, England and my family came over to the US when I was about 3. We lived all over the country – Seattle, WA., Half Moon Bay, CA., Fairport NY., and finally Hingham, MA when I was a senior in high school. Then I went to school in the Adirondacks in upstate NY, spent some time in Buffalo, NY, Denver, CO and finally ended up back in MA in 2000.

Since I can remember, I always wanted to play guitar. It was an instrument that always seemed to speak to me and fascinated me to no end. When I was 17 I finally got a beat up cheap old Japanese Les Paul copy guitar and a cheesy little amp (with a sign on the front that said Fender Champ). I started with a few lessons and quickly started to learn any Grateful Dead songs that I could. I started going to a lot of Dead shows in the early 80’s and did a few whole tours. I always brought a cheapo acoustic with me and would find music circles, guitar players, drum circles – and I learned a whole lot just from watching and emulating what these other people would do.

Then, I finally went back for more lessons and started to get into some more in-depth music theory. My guitar teacher was also a deadhead and played in a Dead sort of band in Buffalo, NY. He started teaching me music theory using different Dead songs as examples. It was from this that I really developed a passion for dissecting the Dead’s music and figuring out the theory behind each song. It continues to be an endless passion for me.

Since high school, I have always played in Dead type of bands. These were:

  • Don’t Ask – 1985ish – Paul Smith’s, NY – College days…
  • The Maniacs – 1993ish – Buffalo, NY
  • The Deadbeats – 1996ish – Denver, CO
  • Laughing Water – 2001 – Boston, MA
  • Big Rhythm Wine – 2003ish – Boston, MA
  • Fennario – 2008 – Boston, MA

Most of these bands I filled the rhythm guitar role and in 2006 I began to fill the "Jerry" role. I have learned more about the Dead's music, guitar electronics and Jerry's style in these years than in all the previous years combined. It has been and continues to be a tremendously rewarding experience for me.